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The Early Days

March 29th, 1989 heralded the opening of Pizza Pita on Victoria Avenue. Chaim, alongside his brother Tzvi, named the restaurant Pizza Pita due to their limited menu consisting strictly of pizza and falafel. As time progressed the restaurant experienced record-breaking success. From the modern, spotless interior, to the increased creativity of the menu and the uniformed staff, the restaurant’s fame grew exponentially.
Hard work and ingenuity ran in the brothers’ veins. It wasn’t long after their opening that new concepts such as phone deliveries and parties in the basement came into being. They essentially outgrew the Victoria location which was too small to meet the ever-growing demand. Their vision consisted of creating a kosher version of the leading fast food industry giants.

Growing Vision

In 2004, after renovations were completed, the entrepreneurial brothers moved into their brand new location on Decarie Blvd., a three-story building with ample free parking. Pizza Pita has now become a landmark for the Jewish community of Montreal and is also known as the “go-to” place for anyone visiting our city. Chaim and Tzvi’s dream had come to fruition.
Besides their restaurant, catering and pick-up services, the Decarie venue also features the only kosher drive-thru in North America! Their aspirations were to accommodate the wide spectrum of the Jewish Community, no matter their background, in order for them to experience the family ambiance of the restaurant. The new diverse menu consists of their 4-P trademark: Pizza, Pita, Pasta and Poutine, together with an endless variety of other items such as the first meatless burger, fish, salads and desserts.



Chaim and Tzvi are continuously upgrading their menu to keep up with the latest trends and customers’ demands, such as healthier options. They credit the restaurant’s success to listening to the customers and always greeting them with a warm welcome. In keeping up with modern technology and speed, Pizza Pita recently allied itself with the popular “Uber Eats” app
Pizza Pita has reached a milestone, celebrating its 30th anniversary!

““It’s been a wonderful 30 years and we would like to thank G-d and the community for standing by us.”

The brothers have taken a fresh approach to their business by transforming from a sit-down restaurant into a solely pick-up and delivery system, and maintaining home and office catering options. They also are offering a “Grab & Go” counter consisting of all current menu items as well as a large selection of fresh frozen, pizza, pasta, and ice cream cakes.
Additionally, it will feature a line of gluten-free, vegan and low-carb options, for all dietary lifestyles. Their goal is to better supply the needs of their customers by putting their emphasis on quality and fast service, using all the latest technological resources. Chaim and Tzvi, thank G-d, for the success they have achieved and are grateful for the loyalty of their customers and the close relationships they share with them.

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