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Frozen Section

As time goes by, we seem to be living busier and busier lives. The balancing act of family life and work can be a challenge. This challenge encourages us to seek convenience at its best. That is why Pizza Pita has a vast selection of frozen pizzas, pastas and soups for you to enjoy.


Our frozen items are the greatest convenience. Give them a try today!


Frozen Pizza – 4 Slices Per Box


Your choice of:


Plain (classic)






All Dressed - tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, green olives, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.


Greek - feta cheese, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, oregano, and mozzarella cheese


Mexican - Mushrooms, Spanish onions, green peppers, hot peppers, veggie pepperoni, Italian spices and mozzarella cheese.


Hawaiian- pineapple chunks, banana peppers, veggie pepperoni, and veggie bacon bits


Frozen Pastas


Macaroni – Fettuccini – Penne – Spaghetti - Whole wheat


Sauce: White Alfredo and Red Napolitana


Eggplant parmesan


Frozen Soups



What customers are saying about our frozen pizza & pastas:


“This tastes like it was just freshly made.”


“Doesn’t take long for a fresh, soft, rich slice of pizza”


“This pizza is never soggy and actually perfectly crunchy for my taste”


“My kids love it, and it saves us so much time, very convenient”


“Who knew frozen pasta could taste so good!”


“The eggplant parmesan is full of flavour and tastes so fresh!”





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